Kaiser Arbitration

Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest health care providers on the west coast.  Although medical professionals may strive to “do no harm,” often times they fall far short of this worthy goal and with damaging results.  However, Kaiser is unique in that all of its patients and insured must seek compensation through Kaiser’s own special arbitration system.  This requires specific knowledge and understanding of Kaiser’s system.  Lipeles Law Group has experience in dealing with Kaiser’s unique litigation arena with success.

Our client, a retired school teacher, went to a Kaiser complaining of gastrointestinal problems.  However, due to Kaiser’s error, she was left unattended and was forced to head down the hall when “duty called.”  As a result, the client slipped and fell in the hallway, breaking her leg and hand.  Lipeles Law Group took the matter to arbitration.  It successfully exposed the Kaiser nurse’s inconsistent statements regarding her treatment, it established that Kaiser’s treatment fell below the standard of care, and obtained an arbitration award for the client for over one quarter of a million dollars.