Construction Trades and Design Professionals

Lipeles Law Group provides full service representation and consultation for contractors and design professionals, including general and subcontractors, architects, and engineers. We provide advice and counseling that help to ensure that your interests are secure and your risk of liability is minimized.

Should litigation become necessary, whether due to non-payment or a claim against you, we are prepared to represent you aggressively and protect your rights, including collecting on unpaid invoices, making sure that your insurance carrier honors its policy commitments, and defending against defect and malpractice claims. We share our our clients concern for the bottom line and the ongoing health of their enterprises and operations. We believe that practical, straightforward resolutions are always preferable to long, drawn-out legal battles of attrition, and we fight hard in pursuit of such resolutions. We look for creative and cost-effective solutions when litigating.

We can provide service in the following areas:

* Breach of Contract
* Collections
* Construction Defect ö General Contractors and Sub-Contractors
* Design Professional Malpractice
* Unfair Competition
* Interference with Contractual Relations and Economic Advantage
* Fraud and Misrepresentation