Contract Law

Lipeles Law Group is skilled at helping individuals and businesses navigate and chart what is often a difficult and daunting area of law. Our attorneys can help with crafting contracts that are legal, effective, and will protect our clients’ interests. In the event disagreements arise, we can help resolve the dispute efficiently and professionally and without the need for litigation, which can preserve and even strengthen new and existing relationships that might otherwise be damaged should a lawsuit ensue. In the event there is no other choice but to litigate the dispute, our attorneys will aggressively and effectively advocate and on our clients’ behalf and achieve the best results possible.

We can provide service in the following areas:

* Contract Formation
* Contract Review and Consultation
* Legal Opinions Regarding Contract Terms
* Contract Negotiations
* Commercial Leases
* Contract of Sale or Purchase of a Business
* Partnership Agreements
* Intellectual Property
* Insurance and Risk Management
* Breach of Contract
* Contract Rescission and Reformation
* Declaratory Relief
* Quiet Title