Case Results for Businesses

Lipeles Law Group is experienced, tough, and effective in representing its business clients; many of whom have chosen to keep Lipeles Law Group on permanent retainer.  The attorneys with Lipeles Law Group come from diverse professional backgrounds, ranging from managing professional athletes to accountants to music industry professionals.  Our combination of education, professional experience and “street smarts” all combine to create an effective team for our clients’ needs. The following is a brief summary of some recent results.  Please Note: Prior results do not predict, nor do they guarantee similar future outcomes. Each claim has unique facts and circumstances which impact overall results.


  • A former senior corporate executive officer brought an action against our client, a publicly traded company, for fraud, breach of contract and misappropriation of stock shares, and punitive damages.  The initial claim was for over $5,000,000 in damages.  Lipeles Law Group successfully exposed the flaws in the executive’s claims and settled the matter for under $160,000.


  • A Major aerospace/defense manufacturing company had been abandoned by its attorneys shortly before trial.  In addition, the company was left facing the risk of future lawsuits based upon a court’s order that punished the company because the former attorney’s failed to comply with a court order.  The company retained Lipeles Law Group, which was able to settle the matter for less than the cost of taking the case to trial and successfully removed the court’s order.


  • A former investor and senior officer with a start up shipping company sued the company for breach of several contracts, fraud, and labor code violations.  The former investor sought over $750,000 in contract damages and $6,000,000 in fraud damages.  Lipeles Law Group successfully demurred to the charges, eliminating the fraud and employment claims entirely, and significantly reducing the contract claim.


  • Lipeles Law Group has successfully represented businesses that were sued by former employees asserting that the business had wrongfully terminated their employment for having filed for workers’ compensation benefits (often referred to as a “132a claim”).   Lipeles Law Group was able to establish that the terminations were not wrongful and the business did not have pay damages to its former employee.


  • A medical corporation, with one doctor claiming that his former shareholder had unlawfully removed him from the business, alleging huge losses in income and profits.  Litigation ensued in State and Federal Bankruptcy Court.  Ultimately Lipeles Law Group was able to settle the case for its Client for $12,000 in nuisance value.


  • Former Employee sued its employer and the company owner for a large 6 figure amount for wage and hour violations, discrimination, and assault and battery.  Lipeles Law Group fought back aggressively, and was able to settle the case for $31,000 – far less than what it would have cost to take the matter to trial.