Welcome to the Lipeles Law Group BLOG

We are happy and excited to introduce our BLOG. Please check back often as we will randomly update the BLOG with exciting Legal news, question and answers, trends in the law, and other interesting legal information. Because the Lipeles Law Group has a team of attorneys who work in different areas of the law, the BLOG will contain useful legal information not with just one area of the law, but with various areas of the law. For example, we will write about personal injury law including but not limited to car accidents, slip and falls, motorcycle accidents, serious injury accidents, and a host of other PI type information. We will also write about business law, both business litigation, business transactions, contract law, employment law and labor law including but not limited to wage and hour disputes, labor board/labor commissioner defense cases, discrimination, sexual harassment employer representation, and employee representation. We will also discuss specifically about small business legal representation with so many small businesses being sued in today’s economy. Other areas we will discuss will be tax law and why many people need a tax lawyer We look forward to bringing you informative legal information in the near future.

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