Class Action Inquiries

Class Action Inquiries

A class-action lawsuit is a type of lawsuit filed by a small group of people who represent a much larger group of people. Employment class action suits generally attempt to establish that the employer’s actions against employees is unlawful or violates their legal rights.

If you are part of a large group of employees who are being discriminated against, harassed, or subject to unfair labor practices, contact Lipeles Law Group. We handle class action inquiries related to employment law matters, such as:

  • Refusal to pay employees overtime pay
  • Refusal to adhere to minimum wage laws
  • Failure to provide sufficient meal and rest breaks
  • Systematic discrimination
  • Mass layoffs
  • Violations of equal pay rules
  • Misclassifying employees and independent contractors
  • Discrimination against employees for any reason

If you have experienced any of these situations, it is important to contact a California employment law attorney as soon as possible. You are protected by federal and state laws and state public policy. However, defending those rights is best done alongside a skilled attorney.

What is Required to File a Class Action Lawsuit?

In order to file a class-action lawsuit, there are a few things that the plaintiffs must do. First, you must receive class certification from the court. You must show the court that the class is measurable and significant, that the claims are typical of all members, and that representatives represent all members as a whole.

If your class is certified, the court will notify all potential members. This allows members the chance to participate or opt-out. Next, your case will be resolved either through a process of negotiating a settlement or taking the case before a judge and jury. Some cases are unable to be resolved through negotiation and a trial is the only means of resolution.

Contact an Employment Law Attorney for Class Action Inquiries

If you have questions about a class-action lawsuit or believe you have grounds to begin a lawsuit, contact Lipeles Law Group. We help California workers with class-action lawsuits related to a variety of employment law matters.