Case Results


Sexual Abuse Case

An educationally subnormal man was molested while under the supervision of a day-care facility by another member. Despite the client’s difficulty in explaining what had happened and issues regarding consent and damages, Lipeles Law Group was able to settle the case for $1,500,000.


Multi-Plaintiff Lawsuit

Lipeles Law Group represented a group of current and former Employees against its employer, a major national restaurant chain, for various labor law violations.  After fierce litigation with a very large California Labor Law Defense firm, Lipeles Law group was able to successfully recover $1,060,000.


Sexual Abuse Case

A high school freshman was groomed and sexually abused by her school running coach. Lipeles Law Group was able to recover nearly three-quarters of a million dollars for her.


Workplace Discrimination Case

A long-time county employee was subjected to racial harassment and threats. The County did not want to settle and claimed that it wanted to make an example of the client. Lipeles Law Group was able to expose the flaws in the County’s position and it was able to force the County to settle the action for more than $300,000.


Wrongful Death Case

A woman visited the dentist for routine dental work.  The woman died while undergoing the procedure.  Lipeles Law Group was able to recover an excess of $350,000 for her loved ones.


Dog Bite Case

A client’s neighbor allowed his dog, a Chow-Chow, to run loose in the neighborhood.  While our client was retrieving her mail, the dog attacked her and bit her several times, causing her to go into cardiac arrest.  Lipeles Law Group was able to settle the case and recover over $250,000 in compensation for her injuries.


Wrongful Termination Case

Our Client was wrongfully terminated from his position with a publicly-traded company when he refused to perform certain unethical acts required by management.  We were able to recover $250,000 for the Client.


Sexual Abuse Case

A vulnerable young woman who, while living in a rehabilitation facility, was seduced by her therapist. The therapist’s insurance policy did not cover sexual misconduct and the therapist himself had no assets to cover any damage award. Lipeles Law Group found inconsistencies in the insurance policy and it was able to recover $225,000.


Wrongful Termination/Workplace Discrimination Case

An employee injured his foot at work.  Rather than help him and comply with California law, his employer terminated him. Lipeles Law Group brought a lawsuit on the Employee’s behalf for discrimination, wrongful termination, and labor code violations.  Lipeles Law Group recovered $200,000 dollars in damages.

Unpaid Wages Case

Lipeles Law Group represented a hotel worker who, despite working 10-12 hour days, had not been paid the proper overtime rate required by law. Lipeles Law Group took a hard line with the owners and, in what was the largest single-plaintiff overtime claim settlement the settlement officer had ever seen, recovered $180,000. for the client.

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