Prompt response and call back from Kevin the owner. I explained my overtime situation with Kevin and he provides me with a free consultation over the phone letting me know my best options. He suggested I try to negotiate a separation benefit with my employer and my employer ended up agreeing. Very happy with Kevin’s prompt response and options!


J P. Oak Park, CA

Kevin Lipeles was outstanding when he represented me in my employment case.
Case settled in about a year. He was always very responsive to any calls and emails and did an awesome job representing me. Thank you, thank you, Kevin.
If you’re looking for a lawyer to represent you, give him a try, he won’t disappoint you and works extremely hard to make sure his client receives what they deserve.


Sara M. Mid-City West, Los Angeles,

I was in a car accident a few years ago, someone rear-ended me and i was not sure what to do since it was my first accident. Kevin Lipeles was my first call after seeking treatment. He made everything so much less complicated. I hated having to deal with insurance and all that stuff within days he was able to get my car fix and a rental car while my car is in the shop. His team is awesome whenever he is not available to answer questions they have the answer for me right away because they are familiar with my case. BEST LAWYER ever!!!!


Angel H. West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

I had received several calls from different law firms in response to a request I had made seeking legal representation for an employment dispute with a former employer concerning unpaid overtime. When I received the call from Kevin I was very impressed with his explanation of the legal rights that I had, and the course of action he saw as in my best interest.
Upon retaining Kevin, it was immediately apparent that both he and his staff were focused on the clients understanding the process of an employment legal dispute. Anytime that I called the office I was always able to express my concerns or ask questions about something I didn’t understand during the discovery process or appearances in court.
In closure, I would highly recommend Kevin and his staff to anybody looking for legal representation in any of the fields of law that they offer – Labor & Employment Law; Business Law; Contract Law; Personal Injury; and Premise Liability – you will be in good hands. Thanks again to Kevin, Thomas, Todd, and Julian for all of your help.


John D. Downey, CA

Our company went through 4 attorneys in a nonsensical case against us that threatened to put us out of business. We were desperate to find lawyers who could grasp our issues and really fight. My wife/business partner heard of the Lipeles Law Group on KFI AM, where Bill Handel listed them favorably on his web page entitled “Lawyers with Teeth.” We called, conferred with Kevin Lipeles and Thomas Schelly, and they were just what we always wanted. We used to think, “How come the killer attorneys are always on the OTHER side?” Well, this time, they were on our side. They were terrific in their knowledge of the law, in their ability to go before judges and get favorable results, in their business-sense, strategic case management, and, ultimately, in their skill in settling the case the way we’d always wanted to settle it. That was great, but what is greater is that our business went on to new levels of success we could never have achieved had they not helped us survive that unfair – but potentially lethal – legal challenge. After that, they took on two other cases for us, and we continue to be very satisfied with how they work. Having a business presence in lawsuit-happy Los Angeles, we feel so much more secure knowing we have this intelligent, fair, accomplished, and aggressive law group on OUR side! I recommend you consult them because about the worst news you could get if you’re facing litigation is that the Lipeles Law Group is representing the OTHER side!


Jim M. Petersham, MA

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