Elevator and escalator accidents

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Humans always create devices and machines to facilitate even the most common actions, such as going up to different building floors. Both escalators and elevators are here to make moving from one floor to another even easier than before. Nowadays, it is very common to see them in large establishments such as shopping centers and airports. Both are part of our daily lives and, to a certain extent, they simplify our lives by transporting us quickly and easily. However, are these inventions fail-proof?

Like any other tool created to help us, the maintenance of elevators and escalators is essential and unavoidable. If we want them to function optimally, the owner or administrator of the facilities must ensure that there are no faults in their systems before enabling their operation for the public. If this is not done, the company risks that anyone who uses them and gets into an accident could sue them for neglecting their maintenance.

Among the many accidents caused by malfunctioning elevators and faulty escalators are slips and falls, back injuries, head injuries, and fractures. Some injuries caused by these malfunctions could even be fatal. However, proper maintenance, timely repairs, and correct signage can prevent these types of accidents.

So, what details and flaws should facility owners be on the lookout for?

  • Failures in the systems of both the stairs and the elevators.
  • Lack of regular maintenance (to detect these failures in time).
  • Failures of security devices within the facilities or even lack of these.
  • Having inadequate or inappropriate designs, hindering their use and the safety.


We must emphasize the importance of prompt action by the injured person. If the accident you want to report occurred on public property like an airport, you will have a limited time of only six months to file your claim. For this reason, we believe that having a specialized lawyer in accidents in these facilities will critical in resolving your case efficiently and optimally.

If you or someone you know has suffered an accident in an elevator or escalator, do not hesitate to contact us.

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