What is a class action lawsuit?

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A class-action lawsuit happens when a group of people has been the victim of the same circumstances, accidents, illegalities, or deals. When that group chooses a representative (who is usually the first person to sue), we call that a class-action lawsuit. In most cases, this is a very complex type of claim that requires a highly experienced attorney to achieve the best possible result.

Some cases with which you can file a class-action lawsuit are as follows:

  • If they were the victims of misleading advertising and took action.
  • If they bought a defective product.
  • If they were victims of unauthorized charges.
  • If they were victims of harmful practices of a company or business.


To better understand the class action lawsuit, we need to understand its structure. First, there is the person who starts the case, called “the plaintiff or class representative.” Second, we have the represented people, who are called “members of the class”; there is no limit to the number of people who can be part of the class.

This demand has certain benefits, such as increasing the strength of the demand, since as a group of people, all of them benefit through a single lawsuit. 

We also have to assess whether a class action lawsuit is worth filing. To decide this, we must analyze whether the reward is large enough to go through this lawsuit’s entire process; if the reward is small, it can be resolved through small claims resolution.

The defendants can be any government entity, corporation, business, industry, banking institution, among others, that meet the main requirements to file a class-action lawsuit.

If you feel you have enough evidence to start a class-action lawsuit, we recommend taking immediate action to build your case. Remember that taking the initiative is the main thing to make our justice system work. Get started with the class action process today. You will need attorneys with extensive experience in these types of cases to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

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