When vacations turn into a nightmare

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This is one of the most anticipated moments of the year. Many families work hard throughout the year to be able to rest a few days on the beach. But a few days of tranquility can quickly turn into a bad time or even a nightmare due to an accident within the same facilities. Has something similar ever happened to you?

Hotels or vacation establishments are places that must ensure the safety and care of their residents. However, many times these places do not invest in the maintenance of the facilities and this may be the reason why many accidents are generated within them. In fact, these accidents are often more common than guests realize.

Some of the injuries that you can suffer within the facilities of a hotel are the following:

  • Injuries due to fire (this can happen if the electrical installations of the establishment are not properly maintained, so it is a great risk faced by both guests and hotel employees).
  • Injuries due to lack of maintenance of stairs, elevators and showers (in this particular case, this can not only result in an accident with injuries to the guest, but also his life can be at risk).
  • Accidents due to the lack of sanitation of the establishment (those hotels that offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, must have impeccable sanitary measures since, if these fail, this can threaten the health of the guests).
  • Improper handling of chemical products (some of the cleaning products can be too abrasive and this can poison both employees and guests, seriously affecting their health).

We know that such an accident could not only completely ruin your vacation, but could seriously affect your health. In this way, if a situation of this type has happened to you, it is important that you can receive the corresponding compensation for the damages suffered during your stay at the hotel.

If this has happened to you or someone you know, they should know that the law is on their side, and they can demand financial compensation for the injuries caused. At Lipeles Law Group, we want to take care of your health so that you can enjoy your summer vacation in the best possible way!


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