Wounds and injuries caused by a minor

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No one can deny that minors often commit crimes without thinking about the consequences or legal repercussions that their criminal acts may have. Considering that in many cities in the United States, minors cannot be directly held responsible for the crimes they have committed, some of them take advantage of the situation to act criminally, letting their legal guardians or their parents deal with the consequences of their actions.
In California, if you have suffered injuries due to the actions of a minor, the minor must be held responsible, and you will be able to receive compensation for the painful situation you have experienced. But when and how can a lawsuit be filed against a minor?
The victim can file a report or lawsuit against the minor only when he or she intentionally injured him or her. That is, if you have suffered an armed robbery and have been injured as a result of this, then you can report the criminal act, and those responsible for the minor will have to answer for it, paying the medical or hospital costs (depending on the severity of injuries).
In some particular cases, such as car accidents caused by a minor, California law is clear. If you seek to hold the minor responsible for recklessness behind the wheel, the minor’s parents or legal guardians, those who have allowed the minor to apply for their driver’s license, may be sued for the accident that the minor has committed. In many cases, depending on the accident’s severity, guardians could face hefty charges against them, especially if the accident was fatal.
Parents should also bear in mind that they may face negligent supervision charges, in which they will have to be held responsible for failing to supervise the minor under their guardianship. No minor should have access to a firearm, and guardians must supervise the actions of those who are under their care, at least until they reach the age of majority.
You should seek legal support from professionals who can advise you regarding your chances of suing a minor.

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