Case Results for Individuals

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people.  Lipeles Law Group fights for individuals who have been injured and we recover the compensation they deserve.  Below is a sampling of some recent case results.  Please Note: Prior results do not predict, nor do they guarantee similar future outcomes. Each claim has unique facts and circumstances which impact overall value and potential for recovery.


  • A client’s neighbor allowed his dog, a Chow-Chow, to run loose in neighborhood.  While our client was retrieving her mail, the dog attacked her and bit her several times, causing her to go into cardiac arrest.  Lipeles Law Group was able to settle the case and recover over $250,000 in compensation for her injuries.


  • Our client, a young single mother, was repeatedly sexually harassed by her boss and was ultimately fired for refusing his advances.  Despite a lack of independent witnesses, Lipeles Law Group was able to recover a significant amount in compensation for the client’s humiliation and subsequent firing from her job.



  • A woman visited the dentist for a routine dental work.  The  woman died while undergoing the procedure.  We were able to recover in excess of $350,000 for her loved ones.


  • Our Client was wrongfully terminated from his position with a publically traded company when he refused to perform certain unethical acts required by management.  We were able to recover $250,000 for the Client.


  • Lipeles Law Group represented 23 current and former Employees against its employer, a major national restaurant chain, for various labor law violations.  After a year of fierce litigation that started in State Court and was removed to Federal Court and against one of California’s largest Labor Law Defense firms,  Lipeles Law group was able to sucessfully obtain a judgment for the employees.