Age discrimination in the workplace

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The job market is tough, and any worker in the United States can prove it. It is as hard for young people, those who, without having experience or professional training, seek to find their first job and become independent, as it is for older adults who, despite having years in the job market, still suffer to get new jobs or even keep their current job. The system is crude, and it often discriminates, but this does not mean that it is correct or even legal.

In the United States, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is the one that ensures that all workers in the country can access a job with a fair wage. Unfortunately, among the employees who suffer the most from job discrimination are people over the age of forty, who are almost considered out of the labor market if they still have a stable job.

What are the situations in which you can suffer age discrimination?

  • Denying work to a person over 40 years of age solely because of her/his age, taking into account that she/he meets each and every one of the qualifications requested for the position to be filled.
  • Harassing or bullying a worker who is over 40 years old only because of their age, making them uncomfortable in his/her workspace (we know that these situations can lead to the victim choosing to resign due to the violent act by colleagues and/or superiors regarding their age).
  • Firing a worker from the company just because he/she is over 40 years old. Treating them as if they will no longer be able to perform their job in the same way that a younger person is not only immoral but also illegal.
  • Modifying hiring conditions that harm the worker’s benefits (for example, reducing the worker’s salary) is also part of employment discrimination based on age.

Older workers are helpless in the face of these actions, but they must understand that the legal system supports them and seeks to benefit them. With the help of an attorney specializing in labor laws, you will be able to access a job where you are not discriminated against because of your age since that is what you are entitled to by right.

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