Construction Site Accidents caused by negligence in California

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Malibu is usually one of the most popular places to get away from work for a few days and rest. For this reason, no one expects that there could be accidents on its beaches that could become fatal, completely ruining the experience and leaving us a bitter memory of our passage through the Pacific Coast.

A few weeks ago, in early May, two people had to be rushed in critical condition due to the collapse of a residential balcony on a beach in Malibu. From one moment to the next, the people who were having a small gathering suddenly fell from a height of 15 feet onto the rocks.

It has not been determined how many people were on the balcony before its collapse. It has not yet been confirmed if the homeowner was on-site at the time of the accident or if he had rented his apartment for the weekend. What we know, however, is that an even worse tragedy could have happened.

But did you know that these people who have been injured could file a lawsuit regarding the construction of the residential balcony?

Construction accidents happen all the time, either due to the inferior quality materials used or due to exceeding the weight that the structure could withstand. The collapses or falls of structures are, without a doubt, something that could be avoided. Not just to preserve the construction employee’s health but also anyone in California who was at the wrong time and place.

Even though such collapses can be avoided, these situations continue to occur every day, affecting thousands of people a year, so accident victims are recommended to seek financial compensation for injuries caused by negligence or defects in the building.

Before starting the lawsuit process, you should always consult with an attorney regarding the steps to take in a situation like this. As a victim, you can file a complaint with the company or whoever it may concern. At Lipeles Law Group, we understand that it is essential to protect the rights of those who have suffered an accident. If you need help, please contact us.

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