Employment-Related Class Action Lawsuits

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In many companies, unjustified mistreatment or discrimination is usually a systematic occurrence, an attitude that is repeated constantly with all employees of the company. In this way, it is possible that even all of them are in the same situation and that they have gone through the same mistreatment within the same company, either from wages below what is established by law or that they have not had access to the corresponding rest periods. You must remember that this is illegal, and that you can sue the company for doing it.

At Lipeles Law Group, we want to help you understand when you can file a class action lawsuit, this could be your best option to get what you are entitled to:


  • Deny workers overtime pay: many companies refuse to pay their employees overtime, hours they have worked outside of their working hours. In this case, you have every right to demand the payment of these and, if this is a fact that is repeated, it is possible that a class action is the best way to obtain justice.
  • Violation of equal pay within a company: the salary payment, both for men and women, who do the same work, should be the same. However, there are many cases where this does not happen. We suggest, in this case, that all the women who have been affected by this unjust act come together to demand what corresponds to them.
  • Employee Discrimination: Denying employees benefits just because of their religion, sexual orientation, or even the color of their skin is discrimination, and it’s illegal. If you or your co-workers have been denied a promotion for any of the above reasons, it is important that you know that this can be sued, and the company should be held responsible for this.


Many times, joining in these cases is usually the best option. United we are stronger, especially if you are experiencing similar situations in the same company. Class action lawsuits can help you obtain the rights that your company is violating, and at Lipeles Law Group we can provide you with all the tools to do so. We are professionals willing to help you with your case.

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