How to Proceed in a Traumatic Brain Injury Case

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Many accidents usually end only in minor injuries that take no more than a week or two to recover from. In some cases, some people can be seriously injured and even with broken bones. This can be a little more complex, and it can take months of recovery. However, there is one accident that worries many doctors and family members and it is those that involve traumatic brain injuries. In these cases, recovery from an injury of this nature can take much longer and the person may even be left with sequelae for the rest of his life. This injury can affect both adults and children, and is usually a common accident, which is usually discharged quickly in emergency rooms (which does not mean that this does not bring sequelae in the future).

What should be done in the event of a similar accident?

It is important to remember that, if the accident has happened within the facilities of a third party, the owners of these must take charge of the accident, assuming responsibility for the poor condition of the building and for not having been sufficiently careful and warning about possible failures. buildings. Of course, these owners must also be responsible for all the medical expenses of those who are injured due to their mismanagement and care of the spaces.

However, it is very common for those who own the facilities to seek to discredit the injuries that occurred and disassociate themselves from the event that occurred. For this, evidence must be presented. Every single medical exam done that proves a traumatic brain injury has quickly become evidence. For this, we suggest having the help of an experienced personal accident lawyer, who will know how to guide you when collecting all the documents that can help to account for the injury you have suffered.

At Lipeles Law Group, our number one priority will always be taking care of the health and safety of our community. We take accidents such as TBIs seriously, since the sequelae of these injuries can affect people’s quality of life. Therefore, we will seek that the laws are enforced and that justice can be done.


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