I have been unfairly terminated. What should I do?

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Being terminated at work is news you never want to hear. When your employer decides that your work is no longer valuable to the company and decides to terminate your contract, it’s normal to feel scared and helpless. You take care of your work, giving your best day after day, and you expect to have the stability that a job provides. Even so, sometimes, the company arbitrarily decides that it no longer wants to use your services. Many people have been in the same situation, and for this reason, we want to remind you that it is important to act intelligently.

In the state of California, employers are protected by law since they can regulate and terminate the employment contract of workers without having to give reasons. However, unfair dismissals are illegal and can be sued for wrongful termination. 

How should I proceed with my case if I believe that the reason for my termination is unfair?

Unfortunately, many employers decide to terminate a contract early due to their employees’ racial, gender, or sexual orientation. These are considered illegal reasons to fire a worker, so the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) may provide the employee with protection when being fired without apparent cause.

How can I know if the dismissal is unfair or not?

To do this, I must consider some aspects: has the employer violated a law by firing me? If my company has violated my rights as an employee or has violated the employment contract, then the employer should be held accountable for their actions. Likewise, he may face possible legal claims for breach of contract or illegal actions. On the other hand, if my work is voluntary and there is no labor agreement or contract involved, there would be no breach of contract. The job would be classified as voluntary, so a termination would not violate an agreement between the employer and the employee. In the latter case, no legal action can be taken against the employer since the worker’s legal rights will not have been breached under the law.

If you have experienced a situation of this nature, you can always count on Lipeles Law Group to help you. We will discuss every legal step with you before taking action to help you to secure justice.

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