Institutional violence and its victims

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The role of police officers in our country, as in the rest of the world, is to protect us. That is their duty. But does that really happen? Do all police officers comply with the commandment and protect victims from possible criminal acts, or does excess force often get out of control and end up claiming innocent lives?


Police shootings to arrest criminals are some of the most common examples of the excessive use of force. However, these should always be avoided due to the danger that both citizens who may be near the crime scene and unarmed criminals are in. These innocents can be injured when mistaken for one of the criminals or even fall victim to a stray bullet, causing a tragedy.

But how can I identify if I was the victim of a case of police brutality?

  • One of the most prevalent causes of police violence is discrimination because of your country of origin or your skin color. Racism is not a justification for misusing the power they possess, and under no means will they be able to violate your rights for this reason alone.
  • Forcing a suspect or witness to give statements forcibly and pressuring them to say exactly the testimony they seek to hear is a violation. In this way, a false statement is being made under police pressure.
  • Using a weapon in front of a person who is unarmed and does not pose a threat to that person. In this case, using the weapon when the other does not have one could result in an accident and could even claim a fatality on the spot.

We know that some of these situations can become traumatic and even fatal, so it is essential to know how to proceed if you have been the victim of a similar situation.

It is important that you know that police officers are those who are in charge of fighting crime, but do not have the power to misuse the authority they possess and, should this happen, you should turn to a lawyer who can initiate a lawsuit for the unconstitutional act and obtain justice for the victim.

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