The danger behind the wheel

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Not all people are fit to drive. Unfortunately, the negligence of some drivers, in many cases, can cause serious accidents, putting the lives of people both inside and outside their vehicles at risk. 

More than 36,000 people a year die in car accidents in the country. In particular, in California, when there are accidents of this nature, evidence is required to prove that the other person acted negligently behind the wheel. By proving negligence, the party liable for the accident is determined, and this person must assume the fault, compensating economically for the damages the accident has caused. 

When an accident happens, it must be reported to the authorities to receive an official police report of the events. This document will be extremely valuable for the claim process. Also, if the passengers have been injured, it is crucial to call the emergency services to receive immediate attention.

There are different types of negligent accidents; among the most common are:

Car accidents due to intoxication

One of the leading causes of negligence behind the wheel is intoxication. It is common knowledge that alcohol consumption dulls the senses, making the intoxicated driver lose his reflexes. In these cases, the victims must file a claim as soon as possible in order to receive compensation.

Hit and run car accidents

California law considers a hit-and-run accident a misdemeanor. A hit and run accident occurs when the vehicle responsible for the collision leaves without first submitting the required documentation to begin the claim process. The driver must be accountable for his actions, stop his car, check that the people inside are well, and exchange the corresponding documents. If the vehicle that received the impact is empty, the responsible driver must leave their information in a note and wait to be contacted by the owner of the car to proceed with the claim.

If you have been involved in a car accident, our specialized team can give you guidance and support. We will also inform you of your options when filing a personal injury claim.

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