Types of Personal Injury Cases Involving Sexual Abuse

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Sexual abuse is one of the worst things that anyone can experience. Sadly, it is an issue that impacts every level of our society. It is a problem that does not discriminate and occurs in many places or settings where we would never expect it– churches, schools, doctors’ offices, hospitals, and in the homes of our loved ones. There are various types of sexual abuse that arise in personal injury cases.

Types of Sexual Abuse that Lead to Personal Injury Cases

  • Child sexual abuse: Child sexual abuse may or may not involve physical contact—innuendo, conversation, exposing genitals to the child, or forcing the child to view sexually-explicit materials are also considered child sexual abuse. Children who suffer sexual abuse may not report their experience for years. However, there are still ways to hold the perpetrator accountable for their actions.
  • Teacher-student sexual abuse: Estimates suggest that as many as one in 10 students is a victim of teacher-student sexual abuse at some point. These victims are often preyed upon by teachers, principals, or other school employees. School districts may attempt to cover up their wrongdoing, but a skilled sexual abuse lawyer can uncover the truth and demand justice.
  • Sexual abuse involving religious organizations: Sexual abuse is often publicized when it involves the Catholic church, but it occurs in various religious organizations. Cover-ups are localized, and often the perpetrators are not punished for their actions. This is not right. And it doesn’t matter what their position is or how old you were at the time. You have the right to justice and freedom from the weight you are carrying.
  • Sexual abuse involving family members: Sexual abuse in any context is horrific. But when it occurs among family members, it is absolutely tragic. Sexual abuse within the family can lead to a host of emotional and behavioral problems, severe psychological injuries, and dysfunction. When sexual abuse occurs within the family, it is also often unreported due to fear.  


No matter what type of sexual abuse you have suffered, you deserve the opportunity to protect your rights and see justice served. Contact Lipeles Law Group to speak with a California sexual abuse lawyer about your options for fighting back.

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