Unsanitary and unsafe workplaces

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As employees, many times, there are things that we resist or keep quiet for fear that the result of our complaints will be our immediate dismissal from the company. But we should not be afraid to claim what is due to us. Claiming a safe workplace because we consider that the one we are exposed to every day is unhealthy is part of our rights as workers. In addition, wanting to feel better at your job will be beneficial for you and the company, as healthy and happy employees will work even better in their workplace.

In California, your employer must provide all safety and security measures, as well as a hygienic environment. For example, workers in textile factories are exposed to many hours in small and closed places, with little ventilation and dirt, and so their health is put at risk by spending many hours inside these unsanitary spaces. In the short term, this may not represent a problem, but if we consider that the working hours are long, this can aggravate the employees’ health. Something similar occurs with workers who perform mining tasks or personnel who work underground. Being exposed for so many hours underground in places without any ventilation will undoubtedly affect your lungs and even make you develop respiratory problems.

Many employees do not know it, and many companies deliberately withhold this information for their convenience, but their employers are prohibited from forcing their workers to work in places that could represent a danger to their health or that could harm employees due to the environment in which they are exposed. Therefore, the employer must ensure job safety and should not oppose an employee’s claims of an unsafe environment.

In the same way, you can always turn to us if you still do not feel comfortable dealing with the company you work for or are afraid that you will not receive the response you were waiting for. With our vast experience in labor law, we have lawyers specializing in workplace rights, and we assure you that we will fight for what corresponds to you since it is your right to work in a safe environment.

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