Working Mothers in California

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Maternity discrimination affects many women in different ways in their workplaces.

Although there are laws and regulations designed to prevent discrimination, women with children face significant barriers at work.

Many times women are discriminated against in the world of work for the mere fact of being of childbearing age. They are not considered in projects or jobs for fear that they could get pregnant.

On the other hand, those who are pregnant or have young children face a worse scenario when trying to find a new job, or when they are in a job that considers motherhood and work incompatible.

This type of discrimination can be reflected in some of the following examples:

  • A company refuses to hire you because you are pregnant or have small children.
  • Your employer does not give you the opportunity for a promotion or refuses to increase your salary just because you are pregnant or have small children.
  • You are fired because you have taken time off for medical reasons related to your pregnancy or delivery.
  • You took leave to care for your child, and your employer decides to terminate your contract for this reason alone.

Discrimination against women who are mothers in California is a serious problem, so it is important for them to know that there are laws that defend their employment rights.

It is important to end these injustices so that we can begin to see more women in leadership positions every day.

This week is Mother’s Day, for this reason we wanted to write this blog to remember the difficulties that mothers have to go through in their jobs. If you or someone you know is going through a similar situation, we want you to know that there are laws in your favor.

At Lipeles we defend the labor rights of women who decide to be mothers!

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