California Laws to Help Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The pandemic that shook the entire world in 2020 caused a significant impact on the national and international economy, forcing employers to close the doors of their business premises and lay off their employees. That is why the enactment of SB-95 will help workers during these tough pandemic times.

This law consists of paid hours if the employee must miss work for reasons related to COVID-19, such as preventive isolation or contagion of the disease. Our leaders cannot ignore that difficult times are being experienced in California. Many workers did not stop their activities despite the Coronavirus pandemic because they needed the money to survive.

California Labor Commissioner Lilia García Bower assured that all companies with 26 or more employees will have a maximum of two weeks of paid sick leave (for those who work full time, this will be around 80 working hours). Those who work part-time will also be able to access paid sick hours, but to a lesser extent.

García Bower also clarified that the workers can use the hours for the care of a relative who has contracted the disease and requires special care but also to take care of the children if the nurseries or schools are closed due to having presented cases of COVID-19. They can use these hours if the worker already has an appointment for the vaccination or even if they show symptoms after its application so that the employees can rest and return to their work when their health allows it.

The situation we are going through today is very tough and affects, in particular, low-income employees who cannot afford to be absent from their working days. This law is intended for all workers who did not access their sick leave days last year for fear of being fired from their jobs.

If you are an employee and find yourself in a situation similar to those previously mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact us to enforce California laws.

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