Equal pay based on transparency?

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One of the new laws that California brings us this 2023 seeks to ensure that workers receive fair and equitable payment for their work.

Laws that protect employees

Senate Bill 1162 requires employers to share information about company salary ranges with their employees, the law also requires that salary ranges be included in job offers, this will be required when the company has 15 workers or more.

This initiative aims to help reduce the pay gap between genders and other groups whose wages are affected by ethnic or other differences, as well as ensure that all workers are paid fairly for the work they do. Those who benefit the most from this new law would be women and people of other races, such as Latinos.

These groups have had to deal with receiving a lower salary for a long time, but due to the lack of information it was difficult to know for sure how much the difference in salary was, therefore initiating legal action without having this information could be somewhat complex. without the law

How are the rights of employees guaranteed?

The new law allows workers to compare their wages with those of other employees in similar positions, so that if there are wage discrepancies these can be addressed and corrected. This law also includes workers hired by employment agencies and contractors, who are often excluded.

With this law in place, California is taking a step to ensure that everyone is treated fairly when it comes to paying wages. Employers who do not comply with this law risk fines of up to $10,000.

At Lipeles, one of our main missions has been to support workers in California, so we are very happy that new laws are being incorporated that seek the well-being of workers.

Remember that you can contact us if you are receiving a lower payment than the rest of your colleagues for doing the same job.

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