Police violence: How to proceed?

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Everyone who lives in California should be able to trust the police officers around them. They are in charge of ensuring our safety, protecting us from the dangers that may happen around us. However, how should we proceed when they are the ones who end up acting wrongly, violating the laws? Have you ever been involved in a police altercation?

There are many people who have had violent police encounters or even feared for their lives when stopped by an officer. Among some of the most common cases, an officer may request that you stop your vehicle on the road to check the vehicle’s documentation, but under no circumstances should such a situation get out of hand and the officer should not resort to violence. Another situation of police violence is being arrested and unfairly accused of having committed a crime just because of how you look. These situations should not be naturalized, as in fact the police officers are violating their oath and breaking the law.

But how should I proceed if I have been a victim of this situation? What can you do to file a lawsuit for the event that occurred?

Excessive use of force by officers often occurs when officers are not properly trained, and do not know how to deal with high-voltage situations, triggering violent situations and even hurting citizens, those they have sworn to keep safe. Physical altercations can even result in fatal injuries. For this, we recommend, if possible, to keep evidence of the injuries suffered, either recordings or photographs of the moment suffered, which will be evidence of the mistreatment received by the officers. This will trigger a large investigation within the police forces, since they must be trained to protect and care for each and every citizen of the United States.

From Lipeles, we always advise that these delicate cases should have advice and support from professionals specialized in civil rights, since they can help you gather all the data and evidence necessary to file a lawsuit. You can always count on us to enforce your rights.

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