The importance of breaks during working hours

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It does not matter if you work in an office or in a cafeteria, if you are sitting or standing all day, breaks during your workday are essential to carry out your work efficiently. There are many companies and employers that ignore this time and even prohibit their employees from taking a few minutes to rest or even go to the bathroom. At Lipeles, we want to let you know that this is illegal, and you can take legal action to get what is rightfully yours.

During the lunch break, employees are relieved of their work duties for 30 minutes, allowing them time to eat and relax, and thus return to work with greater concentration and readiness.

Under California law…

Employees who complete a work shift of more than five hours are provided with a lunch break of at least 30 minutes. However, it will depend on the company if said time will be paid or not. During this company-provided lunch period, employees may go off-site for lunch to pick up their food, or they may bring their own lunch from home and eat it inside the building. Your employer cannot deprive you of praying before eating either, if you want to.

In addition, it is important that you know that companies are obliged to give you 10 minutes of rest every 4 hours worked, and this rest time must be paid accordingly. If your employer refuses to comply with this, it means that they are breaking the law. Has this ever happened to you? Remember that the law is on your side. Not complying with it can result in a fine to your employer for breaching your employment contract.

What to do if your rights as a worker are not taken in consideration?

We know that facing your employer and demanding what corresponds to you can be an uncomfortable and complex situation, it is for this very reason that we want you to count on us to advise you in your case. Rest is a basic right for every employee, which is why it is guaranteed by California labor laws.


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