Things to know about sexual harassment at work

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It is good to be aware of all the types of sexual harassment that can occur on the job. This makes us much more alert to a situation of this type and helps us have an appropriate response.

Harassment or sexual harassment is any approach, action, or attitude that implies sexual conduct directed at a person who does not consent or want it. This type of behavior creates a hostile and unpleasant environment for the victims.

Keep in mind that all employees, regardless of their gender or position, can be involved in sexual harassment. So you need to be able to analyze your work environment and identify these actions to respond correctly.

These actions are divided into two categories:

Hostile work environment: This category refers to all actions that may have as a consequence a deterioration in the work environment, making it hostile, such as:

  • Unwanted hugs, massages, or contact by the people who receive them.
  • Obscene jokes, sexual comments, or mockery of religious beliefs regarding sexuality.
  • The well-known compliments or sexual sounds.
  • Use of inappropriate nicknames.
  • Continually observing a person or making sexual gestures.
  • Create or spread rumors about a person’s sex life.

These are some examples of actions that create a hostile environment at work.

Quid Pro Quo: This category deals with when harassment comes from people with power within the company. Usually, it refers to when sexual favors are requested, and in return, they promise an increase in wages or bonuses, better benefits, among other things.

Being able to categorize abuse helps us determine the legal actions that can be taken. No one should be sexually harassed at work. If you are the victim of sexual harassment, you must act now!

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