Types of discrimination at work

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Diversity in the workplace has increased thanks to global migration. However, this has generated an increase in the problem of discrimination.

Discrimination is the act of differentiating, excluding, or separating people based on race, sex, gender, opinions, religion, disabilities, sexual orientation, diseases, nationality, among other things.

The most common types of discrimination in the workplace are:

  • Racial discrimination: It occurs when an employee is excluded because of their race. Usually, those affected are immigrants and minorities. Even third and fourth-generation immigrants are perceived as foreigners, although they are not.
  • Illness discrimination: This has been a type of discrimination that has been on the rise recently. The most affected people are women with HIV-AIDS. This type of discrimination occurs in each work stage. For example, in the exam to apply to work where you are asked if you have HIV-AIDS and based on the answer, you are considered or rejected. Even in the migration forms where it is mandatory to declare if you have said disease. Other examples are denial of health insurance, harassment, and persecution within the work environment.
  • Disability discrimination: This refers to when people are excluded for having some disability or are denied job opportunities. It also includes, in the case of someone who works, being offered a minimal career with little growth. This causes the disabled employee to be trapped in a low-paying job with no prospect of change.
  • Discrimination due to religion: Due to the recent wave of ideologies and the current political climate, this type of discrimination has been increasing and is presented in the following ways: disrespect for beliefs and customs, obligation to work on religious days, disrespect regarding clothing, and exclusion in the process of hiring or promotions.
  • Age discrimination: It occurs when people in specific age ranges are not taken into account with the excuse of having little potential at work due to having either little experience or a lot of experience.

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