What is considered sexual harassment at the workplace?

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When entering a new workspace, we generally hope to enter a healthy and respectful environment. However, in some cases, we do not face a hostile environment, and, far from being respected, we end up being harassed by co-workers or even the employer. In these cases, we must be clear that being a victim of sexual harassment is not our fault and that nothing can justify this act. Furthermore, both federal and California laws repudiate it and impose significant legal consequences on those responsible.

How can we recognize harassment in the workplace?

Sexual harassment comes in many different forms, many of which are likely to be subtle and difficult to identify. For that reason, we review situations that we should pay attention to below.

  • Inappropriate comments with a sexual nature: If your boss or a co-worker makes comments about your body, about your clothing, or even a sexually derogatory comment, joke, or insult, these acts qualify as sexual harassment. In the state of California, this is enough to file a lawsuit for harassment.
  • Inappropriate physical touches or brushes: No one can touch you without your consent. As subtle as it is, if someone touches you inappropriately in your workspace, you can report it. If this has happened to you repeatedly, but you have not said anything for fear of losing your job, it is essential that you consult with an employment law attorney to find out how to proceed with your case.
  • Male sexual harassment: Many women face this situation every day, but also, many men face sexual harassment from women and other men. Unfortunately, often male victims of sexual harassment have their claims overlooked, causing many of these conducts to continue happening. Furthermore, some men don’t report their oppressors because they fear being mocked.


Unfortunately, sexual harassment is a very common problem in the workplace. Many bosses or colleagues behave inappropriately and even encourage this behavior in others.

At Lipeles Law Group, we understand the complexity of these situations, and we offer you our support. Your well-being is our priority; contact us!

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